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Hotel Grand Kakatiya,
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Interact Club of Nasr
Interact Club of Nasr

Your Here >>> Goals for this Year

Goals for this Year


1. Take 5 members from different vocations.
2. Increase attendance by making the programmes interesting.
3. Circulate monthly bulletin.
4. Arrange monthly fellowships with festival themes and preferably at residence of members.
5. One Family Holiday.
6. Recognise a Rotarian with all round participation in all avenues.
7. Enhance public image of Rotary by partnering with corporates for Community Service.
8. Two programmes for Anns & One programme for Annets.
9. 100% Member Retention.
10. To seek a Speaker Bank from all Members and try to arrange according to the month and need.


1. Presentation of Awards to people who have not been recognised for different vocations, they could be ordinary people doing things in an extraordinary way.
2. Promotion of 4 Way Test
3. Organise a Summer Camp. Try to incorporate Vocational training at the summer camp.
4. Conduct a Literary Project in the community.
5. Enhance Public image by using Social media.

1. Organise monthly community service at the discretion of the fellowship groups.
2. To give more focus on Blood Bank.
3. Conduct fund raising to support 1 (One) or 2 (Two) big community service projects.
4. School improvement and Literacy awareness.
5. Concentrate on Government Hospitals for their needs & requirements.
6. Hold a few health camps
  a) Jaipur Limb Centre
  b) Bhagwan Mahavir Dialysis Centre
  c) Indo American Cancer Hospital
  d) Eye and Dental health camps
7. Participate in Pulse Polio Camps.
8. Tap funds with corporates who have CSR money to spend.


1. Promotion of Interact programme and sponsor 1 Interact Club.
2.Organise youth activity programmes in Sports / Cultural / Literacy.
3. Career guidance programme.


1. 100% contribution from members.
2. Pursue Global Grants.

Year Theme 2014-15
Projects down the Year
Projects Down the Year
Club Service
Club Service
Community Services
Community Service
Vocational Service
Vocational Service
International Service
International Service
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New Generation Service
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